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The programs offered by the Weight Loss Center of Saint Petersburg can dramatically increase your chance of success and help you lose weight and keep it off for good. The average person using our service has been on 8-10 diets in the past, often losing weight, but gaining it back. Our goal is to establish fast, successful and safe weight loss while learning and implementing studied and proven techniques necessary to keep it off.

Many of our clients come from other weight loss programs including standard commercial programs like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers, other medical weight loss programs and even post Lap-Band or gastric bypass surgery (rou-en-y). Current clients often
state how easy our program is as they do not have to count calories nor use keto-sticks.

The Weight Loss Center of St. Petersburg offers  weight loss programs, clinical nutrition, and genetic testing, all geared to removing interference, supporting deficiencies, and allowing your body to function without concentrating on drugs as the only option.

Our Center emphasizes that our vision for treating our patients goes beyond traditional, conventional medicine and incorporates
the best complimentary therapeutic practices into our whole-person treatment of the individual and not just the treatment of symptoms. In particular,  nutritional counseling and performance testing—when used together—can dramatically change
your life by helping you to identify things that are impairing your body from being functional and healthy. The result is a
healthier and happier you.

About The Weight Loss Center of St. Petersburg
Inspected and
Approved Lab
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